Pias Code Todoroki

Japan Luxury Apartment - Tokio, Japan

MisuraEmme is proud of the many prestigious projects it has realized in collaboration with important national and international clients for hotels and residential complexes. The Pias Code Todoroki luxury apartments testify the considerable technical and stylistic research carried out by MisuraEmme in response to planning requirements and the requests made by its client (MORIMOTO Co. Ltd.), in order to study optimal solutions in terms of technology and style. The result is a comfortable cosy interior, characterized by modern and functional furnishings perfectly aligned with the Japanese love of minimalism. The guests can touch and see the quality of MisuraEmme, customized products or standard product as, for example.

  • SIT-IN (sofa)
  • TAUL (table)
  • HELLA (chair)
  • RING (side table)
  • LAYER (sliding partitions)
  • TAODAY (system)
  • SLIM (bed)
  • TAONIGHT (bedside table)

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