Innovation and environment

a constant effort

In Italy ever year half a million tons of organic volatile substances, highly toxic, are released into the air. MisuraEmme decided to follow the path that would lead the company to combine productivity and respect for the environment. Years of difficult research and intensive testing, resulted in the long awaited success for MisuraEmme.

The considerable effort both of time and employed resources has allowed the studying of new solutions, experimenting with new materials, using new types of mat varnishes which have never used before in the furniture business. In one word, progress.

Results that can be seen

The results, today, are visible to all. MisuraEmme has at its disposal the revolutionary spraying plant completely based on water-soluble products with equal results - and in certain cases even better results - in comparison to the traditional spraying plants, as officially certified by CATAS (research and development centre for wood and furniture).

MisuraEmme was conferred with the prestigious international mark Aquaver granted by ANVER (Associazione Verniciatori Italiani), which certifies the use of varnishing technologies with low environmental impact. The certificate of the mark attributed assigned to MisuraEmme bears the number 001 demonstrating the pioneering spirit with which MisuraEmme believed right from the start in this initiative.

The real reward

Today, maintaining the same quality, the products mat lacquered and glass mat lacquered of MisuraEmme do not damage the environment, do not harm the health of personnel and does not pollute the air of the home environments. Thanks to technology, water produces healthier air. When the challenge closes with a victory like this, pride is the greatest reward.

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