Misuraemme, a continuously developing well-known brand

The history of MisuraEmme started in the early years of the last century by Giovanni the father of Giuseppe and Luigi Mascheroni, who in 1902 founded the base of the company in Mariano Comense in the heart of the prolific district of furniture Brianza, well known for its excellent manufacturing.

Today the establishment has a surface of 35.000 mq. Passed on by generations, the know-how of MisuraEmme is the result of consolidated knowledge over time and loyalty to strong and imperative values. 100% made in Italy, designed by famous architects and realised making use of the artisan culture of professionals of the Brianza area. The products of MisuraEmme embody the wish to combine tradition with innovation.

Today the company is not only capable of proposing furniture characterised by a high level of personalisations and one on-one designs with the client, but also to export these values, designing solutions in tune with different International requirements.

In 1970 became a modern industry called MisuraEmme with a new generation led by the late Arch. Tiziana Mascheroni. As head of the company Dott.ssa Daniela Mascheroni and Ing. Gianni Borgonovo took over, both had already been fullfiling important roles for years, in collaboration with Federica Mascheroni while Mrs Marisa Mascheroni is the President of the company. At the moment also the third generation is working in the company.

The family's intuition and business know-how is combined with the collaboration of the best designers in the business.

During the problematic period for Italian design in the '60's and '70's, in Italy companies that produce furniture with an ample range of proposals distinguish themselves in such a way that they attract the interest of the international culture within the design sector which, immediately after the war, mainly looked at the experience of the Nordic Countries.

The reduced dimension of the company, the flexibility, the capacity and the involvement of new entrepreneurs together with a group of capable and talented designers are the base of our collections.


 The CONTINUITA' collection is presented, designed by Arch. Adalberto Dal Lago, a new system of shelves and side panels. An innovative concept with numerous possibilities uses for compositions not only wood elements but also mat lacquer finishes.


MisuraEmme obtains the collaboration of renowned designers like: Vitelli&Ammanati, Ugo La Pietra, Sergio Asti e Dante Benini, and reissues some historic pieces like the library ELEGIE designed by Ignazio Gardella in 1939.


The JOKER project is presented by Arch. Dal Lago

1988 - 1995

Ennio Arosio designs the beds BEATRICE, ASTRID and CAMILLA. A new wardrobe system with an internal strawberry colour finish is a fact, MASTRO.


MisuraEmme acquires the brand "GAB" a company that produces children's bedrooms and started to produce furniture for the living and sleeping area's for teenagers and contracts.


Acquisition of the brand "ATELIER", furnishing extras / living room accessories of designers like: Forti, Toussaint, Alvar Aalto, Alfred Roth, Werner Max Moser, Ignazio Gardella, Hans Georg Bellmann, Giuseppe Terragni, Wolfgang Laubersheimer, Toshiyuki Kita, Hans-Peter Weidmann.


New collections are created in collaboration with international architects like Mauro Lipparini, designer of TAO DAY an extremely flexible system for the living area, innovative solutions for wall systems: the whole market follows this concept.


The beginning of the brand "SARTORIA ITALIANA ARMADI", a distribution network with dedicated and highly specialised salesmen. In the same year the thick leather bed VITTORIA is presented designed by Arch. Marelli&Molteni and HEY GIO by Arch. Massimo Iosa Ghini.


MisuraEmme introduces a new technology that does not pollute the environment with the innovative lacquer spraying plant using water-soluble solvents, first in the world in the furniture business certified by the AQUAVER mark. When a challenge closes with a victory like this, pride is the greatest reward. Lacquered products no longer damage the environment and do not harm the health of the people.


New designs by Arch. Mauro Lipparini: BLOCK a container system, the sofa BORDERLINE and MONOS, a system to place horizontally next to each other, with the only integrated LCD TV with patented magnetic bands and without the need for airing, keeping out the dust and not altering the image. The screen has a very low voltage (24 volts) like a normal computer screen. In the same year the bed NUBA and the wardrobe SEGMENTA are proposed, again by Arch. Mauro Lipparini.


A new collection CROSSING a real innovation that refreshes the concept of bookcases. The panels of which it consists, allow the bookcase to be hanging. Our Research Centre has found a material of extreme stability and undeniable lightness: three crossing layers of poplar wood. A multifunctional and flexible furnishing system with sliding doors. Also by Mauro Lipparini the sofa SITIN. In the same year the membership to I.C.D.I. is confirmed.


A new cooperation is set up with CRS GLOBAL, thanks to the participation to the event I.I.D in Cochin, with 500 architects from all over India. At the International Furniture Exhibition in Milan is presented the new wardrobe collection I-BOX.

 The new I-BOX collection is presented at the Salone del Mobile in Milan to celebrate the marriage beween the culture of “made in Italy” and MisuraEmme production.


Various new joint ventures see the light: At the Salone del Mobile in Milano MisuraEmme announces its collaboration with Consonni International as general contractor under the brand name “CONSONNI+MISURAEMME”. Architect Marco Piva designs the SURFACE armchair for MisuraEmme. The PROPELLER armchair is the result of a collaboration with architect Simone Micheli.

Also presented at the Salone, TAO10 represents the natural evolution of TAODAY, a bestselling product of the MisuraEmme day collection.


MisuraEmme takes part in the exhibition entitled Social Home Design “Abitare il futuro” with the installation “La casa degli sguardi” designed by Studio Scacchetti Luca, a prestigious architectural and design firm. During the Salone del Mobile in Milan, PROSCENIO is presented, a group of elements designed by Luca Scacchetti for the night collection.

A new collaboration starts with designer Ferruccio Laviani which leads to the development of successful products such as the ALA table, the ASSUAN bed and the sofas ANTIBES and CANNES.


A very prolific year for the company which, through its collaboration with Mauro Lipparini, Ferruccio Laviani, Iriam Bettera and the design firm Marelli&Molteni develops products such as: the VIRGO table collection, the ERMES armchair, the evolution of the CROSSING system into what is now CROSSING TEKA, the GAUDì table, the BERTHA chair and the URBAN system; to mention but a few.

The contract division continues to expand with the furnishing of night clubs and restaurants, such as the Dorsia in Monza province, Italy.


MisuraEmme participates in the India Design trade fair in New Delhi. The same year, as part of its foreign market expansion strategy, it takes part in the Interior Mebel event in Kiev, in collaboration with Dominio, the company’s reference for the Ukraine market.

Company philosophy focuses on the presentation of a “lifestyle” in which furnishing elements play an increasingly important role. Consistent with this vision, it goes to the Salone del Mobile in Milan to present products such as: the GRAMERCY table, the FLORENTIA armchair and the MADISON sofa by Mauro Lipparini, the MARGARETH bed with the LINDO group of bedroom elements and the NIBBIO sideboard by the firm Marelli&Molteni, as well as the BRITISH sofa designed by Ferruccio Laviani. For the closet collection, Mauro Lipparini designs the LEXINGTON door panel.


Constantly focused on growing its business on overseas markets, MisuraEmme also participates in the Maison&Objet trade event held in Singapore, in collaboration with Marquise, its representative on the Asian market. In the course of this year, the company has achieved significant growth objectives in its export business; the USA market deserves a special mention, owing to the development of its retail network and the realization of important contract projects. In fact, it is in the contract division that MisuraEmme has chosen to invest resources to satisfy its customers’ specific requirements.

MisuraEmme receives the “Grandesign Etico 2014” award with its Tao 10 system designed by Mauro Lipparini. This award acknowledges the company’s ethical and environmental commitment.

The new LIGHT wardrobe collection is launched. Traditional values combine with ultra-modern lines to create a system aimed at delivering high quality cabinet-making at affordable prices.

The close collaboration with architect Mauro Lipparini continues with the design of the MisuraEmme stand at the Salone del Mobile in Milan; a space interpreted in a stringent, pragmatic language, combining innovative features and a discreet elegance to enhance the products in a finely bilance counterpoint of atmospheres. Also by Mauro Lipparini, the restyling of the SUMO bed, the extension of the GRAMERCY collection, the development of the CROSSING system and the einterpretation of TAODAY.

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