Made Expo

Exhibition - Milano, Italy

MisuraEmme participated in “Abitare il futuro” Social Home Design, an exhibition on architectural, contract, design and building activities, which was put on during MADEexpo 2011. The “Abitare il futuro” Social Home Design exhibition extended over an area of 1000 sq m and comprised 4 displays installed by eminent players of the architectural and design scene, including Studio Luca Scacchetti. It was actually Studio Sacchetti which chose to use MisuraEmme for its “Social Housing” project, a 200 sq m installation of a prefabricated home, surrounded by an area of greenery with an urban kitchen garden. Social Housing is a highly topical theme and one that is subject to considerable expansion. It perfectly marries the principles of MisuraEmme and represents an important tool for the entire community, since it favours public and private collaboration with regard to the issue of fair living conditions.

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