Club & Restaurant - Monza, Italy

A special and bold project that MisuraEmme has realised in partnership with the Noir Club to renovate the establishment in Lissone completely. A project that shows the quality of the products, the consolidated expertise of the company and the modern and refined style that characterises the furniture of MisuraEmme. MisuraEmme furnished the Noir Club & Restaurant with its own design and has been able to interprete exactly the cosy and refined look that the establishment wants to offer to their clientele. The Noir Club & Restaurant is a very renowned establishment, always in search of new trends and doesn’t only propose a space where to enjoy yourself, but something more like a path between different environments, dedicated to communication and discovering personal emotions. People go from the atmosphere of the restaurant to that of the privè and to the Lounge area in perfect “MisuraEmme” style, a true lounge room where to relax. MisuraEmme has furnished the ambiances making them comfortable and elegant for a public that appreciates quality of materials and furniture. The furniture of MisuraEmme always creates an atmosphere that makes you feel at ease, like at home. The project for the Noir Club & Restaurant is important because it combines two Italian realities in the realisation of a quality product and the creativity of the Made in Italy. The result is a fashionable establishment with a unique design, in Lombardy and maybe in Italy, in synergy with the ever changing desires of the clientele. The guests can touch and see the quality of MisuraEmme, customized products or standard product as, for example.

  • CROSSING (system)
  • SITIN (sofa)
  • BORDERLINE (sofas)
  • PACO (small table)
  • BELLAFONTE (table)
  • WM1-WM2 (small armchairs)
  • RING (small table)

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