Gianni Borgonovo

I-Box wardrobe system with Narcisse door in clear glass and satined aluminium frame. Internal structure and chest of drawers in fumè oak melamine.

Type / Wardrobes


Gianni Borgonovo

Born in 1948 in Cantù, a city recognised as the capital of furniture, Gianni Borgonovo bound his professional story to the prolific district of Brianza from the outset. After graduating from Milan Polytechnic in Electronic Engineering in 1972, he began work with Siemens, still today at the cutting edge in the automation sector. It was during those years that he met the architect Tiziana Mascheroni, then at the helm of the family business founded by her grandfather Giovanni in 1902. They initiated a successful collaboration in which the couple’s entrepreneurial intuition led them to turn the company into a furniture manufacturer, taking on their present name of MisuraEmme. In this new context of innovation, Gianni Borgonovo actively devoted himself to improving the production division, introducing new developments such as novel materials imported from Germany and technologies then unknown to other businesses in the area. Awareness of the issue of the environment led MisuraEmme to introduce the first water-based painting system to create environmentally friendly and non-toxic finishes: the commitment was rewarded with the prestigious Acquaver mark in 2003 and the GranDesignEtico award in 2014. In recent years, thanks to the development of trends and the opening up to new markets, the engineer has created a system of wardrobes with extruded aluminium frames designed and engineered to meet the needs of an international clientele. The famous Palo Alto walk-in closet, thanks to its tremendous personality, has become the emblem of MisuraEmme’s mood custom. Today, Gianni Borgonovo continues, in the role of CEO, to supervise the technical and production part, always at the heart of his entrepreneurial journey.

Door Finishings

Varnished glass

01 Gesso

8B Caolino

9G Ostrica

6B Grigio Pietra

14 Nero

02 Talco

9F Sand

4G Argilla

8C Cappuccino

5B Grigio Lava

72 Sabbia

8A Beige

9T Toffee

93 Melange

13 Sepia

09 Wengè

98 Oliva

8S Giallo

9B Senape

94 Marsala

81 Fuoco

95 Ruggine

9H Petrolio

9E Deep Blu

Frosted varnished glass

X01 Gesso

X8B Caolino

X9G Ostrica

X6B Grigio Pietra

X14 Nero

X02 Talco

X9F Sand

X4G Argilla

X8C Cappuccino

X5B Grigio Lava

X72 Sabbia

X8A Beige

X9T Toffee

X93 Melange

X13 Sepia

X09 Wengè

X98 Oliva

X8S Giallo

X9B Senape

X94 Marsala

X81 Fuoco

X95 Ruggine

X9H Petrolio

X9E Deep Blu

Transparent glass

V00 Naturale

V05 Fumé

V01 Bronzo

Reflecting glass

V18 Naturale

V04 Fumé

V03 Bronzo

Double frosted glasses

SAT Naturale

VBF Fumé

VBZ Bronzo

Tempered mirrors

V21 Naturale

V22 Grey

V23 Bronzo

Frame Finishings


531 Verniciato Dark Bronze

524 Varnished Gun metal