CR&S MisuraEmme

The soft shades, the linear design and the quiet elegance of the door Milano reflects traditional values and contemporary needs. Elegance and simplicity, accuracy and flexibility combined to create a product customised for ones own needs and inclinations.

Type / Wardrobes


CR&S MisuraEmme

Care for details is a must for MisuraEmme R&D Center. This does not only show through the choice of first-class materials – from Carrara marble to solid oak wood, fabrics made in Italy to European leathers – but also customised processing and craftsmanship give added value to furnishing accessories. All this and more, make the products of MisuraEmme unique and exclusive, a result of a mixture between refinement and innovative technology.

Door Finishings

Matt lacquered colours

01 Gesso

02 Talco

72 Sabbia

8A Beige

8B Caolino

9F Sand

4G Argilla

9T Toffee

9G Ostrica

8C Cappuccino

6B Grigio Pietra

5B Grigio Lava

14 Nero

93 Melange

13 Sepia

7C Alluminio

96 Canna di Fucile

8S Giallo

9B Senape

7A Felce

9H Petrolio

9E Deepblu

95 Ruggine

9A Terra

67 Rosso

81 Fuoco

7D Polvere

8W Anice

8M Lichene

8N Ottanio

7B Rosa Giacinto

8L Glicine

8I Malva

8H Prugna

8G Iris

8P Azalea

8F Fiordo

High gloss lacquered colors

L01 Gesso

L02 Talco

L72 Sabbia

L8A Beige

L8B Caolino

L9F Sand

L4G Argilla

L9T Toffee

L9G Ostrica

L8C Cappuccino

L6B Grigio Pietra

L5B Grigio Lava

L14 Nero

L93 Melange

L13 Sepia

L7C Alluminio

L96 Canna di Fucile

L8S Giallo

L9B Senape

L7A Felce

L9H Petrolio

L9E Deepblue

L95 Ruggine

L9A Terra

L67 Rosso

L81 Fuoco

L7D Polvere

L8W Anice

L8M Lichene

L8N Ottanio

L7B Rosa Giacinto

L8L Glicine

L8I Malva

L8H Prugna

L8G Iris

L8P Azalea

L8F Fiordo


49 Noce

53 Olmo grey

50 Rovere cenere

52 Rovere fumé

51 Oak Black