Palo Alto Free

The evolution of the sleeping area concept

When designing the bedroom, an aspect that deserves particular attention is the creation of a walk-in closet. Much more than a place to arrange garments, this is a true microcosm that represents the life and personality of the owner and enhances the whole house.

As well as being an object of desire, a walk-in wardrobe is a complete and versatile solution to the problem of order in the home, combining aesthetic pleasure with functionality.

MisuraEmme interprets the walk-in closet environment by taking a fresh view of its design and making it a real living space inside the house.

And so, the “Free” system is born. It integrates the already established and renowned Palo Alto system, complementing its wide range of modular storage units in wood and glass. Palo Alto Free, designed and engineered by Gianni Borgonovo, when used in combination with the new folding door, is particularly suitable for creating glass door passages that allow access to other rooms, such as a walk-in closet.

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