EROS - A small oasis of beauty in the night area

The home represents our own private space, a world made of objects carefully chosen to increase our feeling of well-being. Within this microcosm, the bedroom becomes our ultimate comfort zone. To achieve this oasis of peace, MisuraEmme has conceived projects with materials, finishes and functionality that all combine to create a much-coveted sense of solace.

Although the bed always takes pride of place within the sleeping area, the beauty of the furnishings almost steals the show. For small and large furnishing accessories, everything must have its place and there must be a place for everything; thus, the complements become important elements of the bedroom, with their exquisite elegance and reassuring practical quality.

Designed for the new dynamics of domestic interiors, Studio 63 EROS bedroom set expresses a fluid dialogue between different materials: metal, marble and wood meet and mix to create objects that stimulate the senses and easily harmonise with the rest of the environment.

The EROS dressing table and bedside tables are unique products with well-judged dimensions and an ethereal lightness of form, thanks to the slender bronzed metal structure that defines the entire project. It is reduced to a simple platform on which the drawers in black stained oak, and tops in luxurious marble, appear to be suspended in mid-air.

The EROS dressing table demonstrates a particular adaptability and a striking presence in contemporary interiors; perfect in a stylish bedroom, a walk-in wardrobe, or a refined hall – both in a residential context and in a hotel suite.

With a careful choice of materials, exclusive combinations and shapes, these pieces are executed with MisuraEmme’s usual impeccable craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, to create glamorous and seductive atmospheres with a touch of understated eccentricity.

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