New openings: MisuraEmme opens in Nanjing

MisuraEmme is pleased to announce the opening of a new exhibition space in Nanjing, the former capital of China. Before a large group of industry professionals, the 260 sq m shop-in-shop was opened in Jianye District, one of the most vibrant, dynamic areas of this important city. 

The store contains three rooms where you can admire the aesthetic of MisuraEmme products in a sophisticated atmosphere defined by wood, leather and marble that create a chromatic mood with natural, warm earth shades. The store contains some of the most representative pieces in the company’s range: the famous Palo Alto walk-in-closet, the Tao and Crossing systems and the Argo sofa with its harmonious volumes.

The official opening was preceded by the “Unveiling The Future – Designers’ Symposium” conference, at which Gianni Borgonovo and Ottaviano Borgonovo, respectively CEO and co-owner, spoke about MisuraEmme’s success over the years and its transformation from a small furniture factory at the start of the 20th century into an international contemporary design company. The conference ended with a vivid, interesting account of the evolution of the Chinese public’s taste. 

The recent opening aims to further MisuraEmme’s fundamental consolidation process on international markets. Indeed, the company intends to increase its presence in China over the next few months.

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