MisuraEmme inaugurates a new space in Mexico

MisuraEmme is pleased to announce the opening of a new exhibition space in Mexico City. A sign of the consolidation and expansion of the internationalization strategy outline a few years ago, the new store was inaugurated in the presence of a large group of guests, including industry professionals and Italian design aficionados.

The showroom, which is located in Benetti Casa, in the exclusive Lomas de Chapultepec district, home to some of the most prestigious homes in the city, includes five different display areas across the 250m2 space.

Once inside, visitors can admire MisuraEmme’s signature aesthetics in a refined setting, where different types of wood, leather and marble provide a myriad of natural shades and warm, earthy tones. Some of the brand’s most distinguishable and popular pieces are scattered throughout the space too.

The Mexican market boasts a high rate of growth and commercial potential, with an upward trend in recent years and great opportunities for Made in Italy. The opening of the new MisuraEmme store reflects the company's attention to international markets trends - which have always been interested in Italian furniture pieces- with very high growth expectations.

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