Dust Free® - Effective Technology against Sars-Cov-2

The MisuraEmme wall systems are equipped with Dust Free® modules and rely on the innovative PCO™ (Photocatalytic Oxidation) technology, which is capable of destroying harmful substances in the air and on surfaces, particularly bacteria, viruses and molds.

It has been demonstrated that we spend up to 90% of our time indoors, in private homes and offices, and that indoor pollution can be more dangerous with respect to outdoor environments. 

Frequent activities such as cooking, heating, smoking and cleaning release gases and particles into the air, many of which are harmful for human health. These substances remain suspended in the air and settle on walls, furnishings and floors, forming invisible biofilms that make air unhealthy and potentially hazardous for human beings.

The Dust Free® modules combat this phenomenon, thanks to the action of a high-intensity UV lamp that triggers a photochemical reaction of oxidation capable of ensuring safe, effective and complete sanitization of air and surfaces.

With Dust Free® technology, MisuaEmme offers clients a solution to this problem, providing the possibility of installing Dust Free® modules inside all the lines of wardrobes and wall systems and taking advantage of their benefits, which are particularly precious in spaces like walk-in closets, where air circulation is limited.

The advantages are remarkable: continuous sanification, elimination of germs, bacteria, viruses and harmful micro-particles in the air, including ultrafine particles not generally captured by ordinary filters; removal of odors, reduction of dust clusters, and overall improvement of air quality in closed spaces.

Relying on the PCO™ technology developed and utilized in aerospace applications for the sanification of spaces involved in space exploration, where one of the main priorities is quality and healthfulness of air, MisuraEmme demonstrates its focus on the needs of clients, in an avant-garde vision that has always been the company’s trademark.

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