120 years of MisuraEmme: the story of a design brand

With its prestigious heritage, built since 1902 with perseverance, passion and dedication, MisuraEmme’s significant contribution to the history and values ​​of “Made in Italy” design has been recognised this year, on the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of the Salone del Mobile. 

MisuraEmme is one of the 12 original companies which have continuously participated in all editions of the Salone; it has always strongly believed in it and evolved with it, in the name of artisanal quality, innovation, and design research.

Today, MisuraEmme has become, in its own right, a global ambassador for Italian creativity and craftsmanship.  

Thanks to the brand’s foresight, from the beginning, MisuraEmme realised that traditional techniques needed to incorporate new types of objects and furnishings for the emerging social classes.

This provided opportunities to work with designers outside the company, who brought a breath of fresh air to its range.

The historic products includes the Elegie bookcase by Ignazio Gardella – a piece from 1940 that anticipated the concept of modularity; or the innovative AR1 food trolley by Alfred Roth dated 1939; and also the AA1 sofa bed, by the Finnish master Alvar Alto. These are still present in the collection, and prove that iconic Made in Italy designs are timeless perennials. 

However, MisuraEmme is much more than a company that produces quality furniture. Through its collaboration with a team of renowned designers, architects and engineers, the brand is devoted to pushing the boundaries of furniture design and innovation. 

MisuraEmme is the interpreter per excellence of modular storage systems, especially for the bedroom area. For instance, it has reimagined the concept of the wardrobe as an architectural object with extraordinary compositional freedom, which adapts to the modern-day lifestyle. 

MisuraEmme is nowadays a significant player in the furniture market, with its innovative products and projects. Its niche expertise in state-of-the-art modular systems is appreciated by a cosmopolitan clientele, who are able to admire first-hand the brand’s extensive range in its various outlets around the world.  

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