Francesco Lucchese


Lucchesedesign is a multidisciplinary team made up of architects and designers with different cultural backgrounds. Francesco Lucchese is the founder and team leader and has more than twenty year’s experience in the field of architecture, design and consultancy. Lucchesedesign studio operates all over the world with different levels of projects Depending on the client’s request, showing a great capacity to adapt to different contexts and offering a wide approach and a 360° perspective of the services. The opening of the new headquarters in Nanjing in China makes the structure competitive for working in the Asian market from a logistical point of view and provides customers with a close assistance while ensuring a direct presence in the territory. Lucchesedesign coordinates projects of company placement and brand identity focusing the attention on graphic design and organizing exhibitions and events. Architecture projects take place across Italy and abroad and are focused on hotels, showrooms and public spaces. There are plenty of projects aimed to exclusive private residences. Meanwhile Francesco Lucchese proceeds his teaching activity for Politecnico di Milano, at Faculty of Design, with many partecipations in workshops and conferences as a speaker in foreign countries like Switzerland, Russia and China. He i salso member of the steering committee of the Italian Design Association ADI.

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