Club & Restaurant - Monza, Italy

To furnish does not only mean to place products in a space, but it means to study the living space, the colours and the sensations which have to be transmitted to the people who live inside. The cooperation with Dorsia was born from the idea to create something new that could join design and care for details, to friendship, to being together in a cosy surroundings. MisuraEmme and Dorsia have given life to a very accurate furnish proposal, the orange colour tones together with the beige and mélange of the walls and the study of the position of each single product. The guests of the Club can touch and see the quality of MisuraEmme customized products or standard product as, for example.

  • PROPELLER (small armchair)
  • HILL (complementary elements)
  • ANTIBES (sofa and complementary elements)
  • TAO10 (system)
  • CROSSING (system)