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Castiglia Associati

The freedom of composition Over enables the design of broader spans as long as 2200 mm, asymmetrical geometries able to lighten the visual perception by breaking free of the concept of a pure day system and, in support, the horizontal electrified woodwork creates an integrated lighting system. Finishes give an extra special touch and a truly personalization: wood, tecno-marble, tecno-metal, glass and leather are combined in an exceptional material and colours balance that displays – at every combination – a new Over.

Type / Systems

Technical description

Over is a modular system of units 380mm. (15") deep available in 7 widths and 2 heights. Back panels th. 25mm (1") available in different finishes that can be overlapped through aluminum trims system, patented by MisuraEmme, integrated with a recessed lighting system.
Side Panels - Bases - Wooden Shelves
Panel th.38mm (1 4/8") in poplar blockboard with three crisscrossed layers and two surface layers of MDF panel th.38mm (1 4/8").

Side Panels
Option of inserts in different finishes to be matched to the back ones, fitted through flush channeling groove system, equipped with adjustable feet.

Back panels
Wood particleboard panels in class E1 th.25mm (1") matt lacquer or wood finish or to be matched as follows wood and wood / tecnomarble and wood / glass and  wood.

Leather shelves th.38mm  (1 4/8") 
Trapezoid shaped aluminum draw-plate structure with aluminum side covers, coated completely in smooth leather. Fitting to the back panel through aluminum trims, patented by MisuraEmme, included recessed Led lighting cables system. Led.

External structure covered in tecnomarble, glass or matt lacquer. Internal structure in wood particleboard panels melamine Primo Fiore with totally pull-out guides. Drawer with under protruding opening.

Hinged doors / flap down doors th.22mm (7/8")
Hinged doors with push-pull opening. Flap down doors with over protruding opening. Aluminum frame in gun metal or titanium that can be matched with:

- wooden panel th.6mm (2/8") in matt lacquer or veneer
- glass panel th.4mm (1/8") rear varnished or transparent
- tecnomarble th.6mm (2/8") 

Side panels, bases and wooden selves: matt lacquer / wood.

Side panels inserts: matt lacquer / glass / mirror / tecnomarble.
Back panels: matt lacquer / wood, can be matched with matt lacquer / glass / mirror / tecnomarble.
Smooth leather selves.
Hinged doors and flap down doors “Narcisse Day”: aluminum frame can be matched with wood / glass / tecnomarble.


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