Castiglia Associati


Sergio Castiglia with Marinella Santarelli and Maria Tiziana Tazza have been creating, developing projects and promoting activities in the fields of design and architecture for more than  thirty years, and their projects have contributed to the creation of Italian Style. The Studio’s professional competence and heterogeneous experiences have built up a work-team able to deal with creative scenarios and manufacturing sites dedicated to the research of contents and aesthetics of the present. In these past few years, the Studio’s working method has been subject to considerable changes, both because of the evolution of computer systems with consequent new graphic representation techniques, and the need to interpret the project as a whole, from its initial concept through its very communication. Successful relations in art direction have been established with several companies, thus enabling the designers to oversee the various project stages and therefore ensure a better product quality. Many are the successful products designed in these years, which have received mentions and won awards in exhibitions and fairs of various sectors. Since 2010 several collaborations abroad have begun functioning (Russia, Oman, Qatar and China) with important companies in the field of design and architecture.

Products designed for MisuraEmme

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