Palo Alto Free

An object of desire combining comfort and design

Just as we carefully choose and personalise the clothes we wear, the modern walk-in wardrobe must be designed to fit our home and lifestyle beautifully.

The dedicated area for suits, jackets, shirts and accessories, a versatile closet system can be either large and spacious, or compact – but always lavishly appointed, combining functionality and design.

MisuraEmme is a trailblazer of the concept of modularity, offering present-day classics whose avant-garde style dates back to the beginning of the last century. The Palo Alto Free system presented here is the evolution of the Palo Alto I-Box.

Designed by Eng. Gianni Borgonovo, Palo Alto Free is a new way of experiencing the wardrobe. Transparency, strength and minimalism are the keywords of a project that guarantees highly organised interiors. This is a truly architectural object to be admired in all its beauty, with perfectly engineered structural elements that express the brand’s DNA and adapt to any type of space. The intersections between the supporting structure and the various shelves create a multitude of empty spaces, ideal for adding trays, drawers, pull-out shoe racks, trouser racks, and accessories. The doors in transparent glass allow a generous 180° opening; this transforms the walk-in closet into an inviting exhibition space, where every garment is displayed like a work of art. 

In 2022, MisuraEmme celebrates 120 years of activity – always expressing a corporate cultural heritage that conceives system solutions, made with cutting-edge workmanship, skilful design, and a high degree of customisation. This results in fine bespoke products that delight an increasingly demanding and cosmopolitan clientele. 

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