Ottaviano Borgonovo interviewed by IFDM

Salone del Mobile.Milano 2017

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This year MisuraEmme has launched new collaborations with various architects. The most important of these is the one with Brazilian architect Arthur Casas, a very well-known name particularly in South America and the Americas in general, so much so that he designed the Brazil Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015.

There are two main reasons behind MisuraEmme’s decision to embark on new partnerships in addition to the one with architect Mauro Lipparini, the company’s long-standing Art Director: its wish to develop the company’s international dimension and its desire for new ideas. In fact, collaboration with different architects in the development of new products inevitably leads to a technical but also a cultural debate with the company.

One important issue to consider is how multiple architects can collaborate together in a company. The answer clearly touches on two different aspects: coordination and finding an unequivocal value that shapes its development. As regards coordination, this has always been overseen by the company with the help of long-term Art Director Mauro Lipparini. Meanwhile, the values that give the product an identity are those of multiple textures, artisanship and an eye for detail.

When it comes to the living room it is important to underline some of the various new solutions such as the development of this modular sofa designed by Mauro Lipparini and Crossing Over, a development of the crossing system, designed by associated studio Castiglia. Also very important is the development of our Tao storage system, which has been further enriched with the Maggie mini system. The new solutions in the living area are completed by a series of accessories designed by Riccardo Bussoni, the Yanos series of side tables and the Moai side tables, and a series of poufs that also enrich the harmony and coordination of the living room.

As for the new bedroom solutions, of particular note is the enhancement of the Paloalto system, above all with the development of the closing system of the Narcisse door, distinctive for being completely transparent.

The development of this year’s new products is primarily aimed at expanding the range of furniture products for villas.

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