New openings: MisuraEmme inaugurates in Chengdu

Misuraemme, well known brand with 100% Made in Italy products, designed by internationally renowned architects and manufactured with great handcraft care, inaugurates its wide store in Chengdu, county town of province of Sichuan in China and important economic centre as central point of transports and communications of the Country.

Thanks to the partnership with MegaHome, one of the most important dealers in high-quality range design sector, Italian brand reinforces its presence in Asiatic markets.

Display area, 250 m² wide, shows MisuraEmme expressive and project skill through a careful choice of furniture and complements, prone to recreate elegant and suggestive atmosphere in living and night areas.

Opening of this new sales point is inserted in a strategical expansion plan aiming to get stronger the presence of brand in Far East. MisuraEmme consolidates its own expertise in China thanks to MegaHome, a fundamental partner in a continuous developing market.

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