MisuraEmme at “Magister Giotto” exhibition

Venice, Scuola Grande della Misericordia, 13th July - 5th November 2017

MisuraEmme meets Art in Venice and decorates the VIP lounge at "Magister Giotto" exhibition
The meeting of two different yet complementary worlds, art and design, has culminated in an exceptional partnership between MisuraEmme and Magister Giotto, a multimedia exhibition in celebration of the artist, 750 years after his birth, in the most prestigious of venues: Venice's Scuola Grande della Misericordia.
A unique event in its genre where images, music, words and technology bring to life an absorbing and truly fascinating route, conceived to promote art at an international level, through a contemporary formula which interprets culture as a form of universal entertainment.
MisuraEmme was invited to furnish the exclusive VIP lounge, with sophisticated and alluring proposals, an indisputable example of genuine Made in Italy, appreciated throughout the world.
Daniela Mascheroni, Marketing Manager at MisuraEmme explains: "We are proud to support such a prestigious initiative. Art is an inestimable heritage and we have a duty to preserve and ensure widespread knowledge of it, especially to new generations. With this sponsorship MisuraEmme confirms itself as a privileged interpreter of Italian cultural values, contributing towards the promotion of a monumental location, in one of the most fascinating cities in the world which has always been held in esteem as the cradle of art and beauty".
The lounge houses several iconic MisuraEmme pieces, such as the sofa Argo, designed to guarantee a comfortable, relaxing and glamorous break, the Opera armchairs, whose slender shape is mitigated by the back's generous softness, the Gramercy tables and coffee tables, with their essential silhouette, and the Urban bookcase, embellished by the matching of different materials such as wood and metal. The interior is completed with Michelle chairs and Madia Square, in a soberly elegant colour ensemble.
The exhibition has been organised with the support of illustrious Scientific Committees, which attest its high scientific value. It covers history and masterpieces by Giotto through a highly scenographic three-dimensional reconstruction, accompanied by the narrating voice of the actor Luca Zingaretti, and music by the contemporary composer Paolo Fresu.
Magister Giotto is produced by Cose Belle d’Italia Media Entertainment and belongs to a format consisting of three annual exhibitions dedicated to great Italian masters of art: Giotto (2017), Canova (2018) and Raphael (2019). International exhibition tours will start from Venice: Magister Giotto will be presented in Tokyo and Kyoto in Spring 2018.


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