Andrei Munteanu


Andrei Munteanu was born in 1964 in Bucarest, Romania. He studied physics and industrial design. He collaborated with many companies in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Italy. Between his more important projects we can name the Pure Sofa by Tribu, the modular sofa system Bora Bora projected with Piergiorgio Cazzaniga and made by Mdf Italia, the modular sofa system Dhow and the Mould series by Giorgetti and the Radius One cloathes hanger by Radius Design. “I was born and grew up in Romania, initially I concentrated on natural science. I found my artistic identity by searching to connect different influences: the Italian design of ’60 and ’70 years, New Wave, the Japanese architecture and the primitive art. I believe that the design is a kind of art with a substantial difference: the object created becomes a mean to satisfy the primary necessity to be used, produced in series and commercialized”.

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