ME and my Night systems

MisuraEmme presents the new catalogue of wardrobes systems that tells the story of Palo Alto.

The new catalogue ME and my Night systems that explores the design possibilities making us enter the world of night systems to MisuraEmme.

The company's great know-how and manufacturing capacity have resulted in an immortal collection of walk-in closet by the name of Palo Alto. This wardrobe comes in three different, complementary models that have the ability and technique to complement each other: Palo Alto I -Box, Palo Alto Free and Palo Alto Wall.

Palo Alto I-Box is the first model of the collection, a classic and timeless wardrobe, structured by the basic elements of a wardrobe: cover, base, back, side and doors.

The technicality, concealed by its seemingly linear and rigorous structure, is characterized by the countless dimensions of the modules that make this wardrobe a bespoke project.

From Palo Alto I-Box was born Palo Alto Free, a system of ceiling floor uprights on which the equipment consisting of accessories and doors is inserted directly. This innovative system is suitable to be placed in niches or for portal configurations free from walls. This system has not only the function of wardrobe but can enhance the spaces in which it is positioned by integrating perfectly with the environment.

The latest product in this collection is Palo Alto Wall, a night system in wood paneling, which can be reduced to the millimeter in size to overcome any architectural obstacle by integrating perfectly into the space. The project is designed to MisuraEmme respecting the needs and demands of the customer, it’s taking the form of a dream.

The first part of the catalogue is dedicated to the project integrability, in which different solutions are proposed for different spaces, where the three cupboards coexist and dialogue in a harmonious way. The second part is dedicated to the visualization and illustration of the characteristics and technicality of the individual cabinets.

These three different types of night system have the great characteristic of being integrated with each other, maintaining the alignment of the equipment and accessories. With the MisuraEmme systems you have the possibility to design customizable walk-in closets with an infinite range of furnishing possibilities that allows you to create a fascinating dialogue between materials of unparalleled quality.

Glass and wood, transparency and matter, alternate in an irresistible play of lights and textures, offering an exceptional frame for your objects of desire. The prestige of the materials can be further enhanced by installing exclusive LED lights, thanks to the electrified rack structure.