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Mauro Lipparini

Crossing is a versatile modular system of panels with which to create wall-mounted shelving. Totally adjustable along the three dimensional axes, it can support up to 400 kg. The program offers a series of modules of different types and sizes, hanging cabinets with flap, leaf or sliding doors, and drawers in a range of sizes. Crossing is available in the Fusion version (with parts in faced or lacquered wood particle board) or in the Listellare version (veneered or laminated poplar blockboard). The compartments contain a special LED lighting system. Finishes: matte lacquer, glossy colours, natural wood, veneer/facing.

Type / Systems

Technical description

Our Research Centre has found a material of high stability and undeniable lightness: three crossing layers of solid poplar wood in between two layers of MDF and veneered.

Sides – Bases – Shelves – Wall Shelves th.38mm.
Panel th.38mm. in poplar blockboard with three crossed layers and two surface layers of MDF panel th.38mm., wood veneer or lacquered finish.

Wood particle board th.19mm in melamine, lacquered finish or wood.

Raster insertion th.14mm.
Series of sides and shelves in MDF, th.14mm., shelves with back panels with or without lights, including aluminium profiled cover, with fasteners for the back and led compartment in satined finish or matt lacquer.

Back panels
Wood particleboard panels in class E1 th.14mm. matt lacquered or wood finish.

Wooden fronts
Melamine faced wood particleboard panel, th. 22mm lacquered finish or wood with horizontal grain.

Fronts profile “0”
Melamine panel th.19mm. with applied tempered glass th.4mm, eco-leather, tecnomarble,  wood panel.  Aluminium or Gun metal profile.

Hinged and flap door “Narcisse Day”
th.22mm., metal frame in gun metal finish, dedicated handle, tempered glass.

"Bar" flap door
Folding th.50mm., includes led light inserted in upper protruding shelf, with  eco-leather mat on the internal base shelf. Optional: mirror on back, n.2 compartment partitions with 1 glass shelf and n. 3 eco-leather mats on the internal base shelf, n.1 eco-leather mat inside the flap front panel.

"Teka" hinged doors
Box-shaped tempered glass th.6mm with visible hinges in brushed steel.

Panels to be inserted for external TV
Wood particleboard panel, class E1 th.25mm, in melamine facing, lacquered finish or wood.

Tubular welded steel varnished metallic grey, steps in varnished tubular steel covered with non-slip plastic material. Fixture to the rails in plastic material.

Drawer interiors
Wood particleboard panels in class E1 Th.14mm, melamine faced. Drawer bottom: wood particleboard panels in class E1 Th.8mm.

All electrical systems are provided pre-wired in compliance with current laws.


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