Mauro Lipparini


Mauro Lipparini

The carefully calibrated, subtle aesthetics of the large Madison sofa provide an instant sensation of comfort. Its sleek feet make it an almost ethereal presence in the living room, bringing a sense of contemporaneity to the home.

Type / Sofas

Technical description

Collection comprising linear sofas with fixed shapes in three different widths: W 2000-2400-2800 mm (78 6/8" - 94 4/8" - 110 2/8" inch).
Base: shaped multilayer panel reinforced with tubular frame in varnished metal.
Feet in satined metal or metal gun.
Frame, armrests and back panels in wooden hollow frame fixed to the base.
Padding: base covered with shaped polyurethane foam matched to light velvet.
Armrests and backrests: shaped polyurethane foam with different densities covered in fibre with polyester jersey.
Seat in polyurethane foam with different densities covered in fibre 200/400gr with polyester jersey. Removable cover on seat and backrest cushions.


Linear sofa - 2 seaters

Linear sofa - 2 seaters maxi

Linear sofa - 3 seaters

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