Iriam Bettera


Iriam Bettera was born in Clusone in 1960. Terminated his studies and he makes a short experience cooperating with a research and projects group to then open his own office where in 1990, a part from design, works in the residential and commercial architecture, dedicating himself also to projects of commercial spaces, fairs and hotels both in Italy as well as abroad. He operates also in the graphic field, packaging and communication. He feels that to design is assigned a social role which is to make the quality of life better through the creation of objects, easily replicable industrially, safe, sustainable, obviously beautiful but most of all usable even in an everyday life. This vision produces numerous collaborations with companies of various sectors: furniture and complements, electrical household appliances and electrical medical appliances, free time, urban furnishing, early childhood, fashion accessories, watches and accessories. He is in charge of architectonic projects and works on lay-outs of several furniture shops in Italy, as a consultant. He is committed as an interior designer in important projects in Italy and abroad.

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