Virgin, balancing functionality, emotion and purpose

Constantly seeking to fulfil the new needs of contemporary living, MisuraEmme provides a new interpretation to the bedroom, with a focus on practicality, wellbeing and aesthetics. Materials, finishes and stylistic shapes are the fundamental elements that converge in the design of the retreat quarters, with a sleek and serene style.

With dynamic changes in our modern lifestyle, the double bed is no longer a piece of furniture reserved for the night-time; it is conceived both to guarantee the highest quality of sleep, and to adapt to increasingly various uses. Creating a perfect balance between the emotional and functional aspects, Mauro Lipparini has given us the Virgin bed, with its reassuring organic shapes. The timeless line of the classic bergère headboard is reimagined, thanks to decisive yet elegant graphics that highlight the upholstered volumes of the bed.

In dramatic terms, the bed is at the same time the main character and the co-star of the nocturnal story, leading a continuous dialogue with the bedroom complements in search of the much-coveted essential total look. With its refined craftsmanship and master planning, MisuraEmme style is always able to convey multiple interpretations within a single stylistic language, enhanced by Made in Italy artistry.