CR&S MisuraEmme


CR&S MisuraEmme

The Square collection provides the possibility to contain, to display but above all to furnish your home environment with charm. A never trivial feature in combination with a sense of “lightness”, in terms of shape or the pleasant interaction that the single elements manage to establish between one and another. Containing “housing” that function as bases becoming the heart of real and true compositions.

Type / Sideboards

Technical description

Series of sideboards with fixed designs available in three types:
- with adjustable feet H.15mm (5/8”), available two-sided unit with fixed back panel)
- with metal base H.165mm (6 4/8”) , available two-sided unit with fixed back panel).
and two width 1920/2560mm (75 7/8” – 100 6/8”), fitted sideboards with hinged doors, drawers, flap doors.
The floor-based versions are characterised by the protruding finished back panels to create a free-standing element.
The version with metal base is also available with coplanar doors with closing shock absorber system.

Finishes structure:
- external: matt lacquer, glossy lacquer, wood
- internal: melamine ambience, matt lacquer, wood.
Finishes doors, drawers and down flap doors:
- matt lacquer
- glossy lacquer
- wood

- varnished glass th.5mm (2/8”)
- frosted glass th.5mm (2/8”)

- wood th.6mm (2/8”)
- marble th.20mm (6/8”).


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