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Iriam Bettera

The Urban system expands the creative possibilities starting from the choice of a freestanding or a wall-mounted composition, to the finishes range, up to the selection and placement of various featuring elements: colored metal boxes, storage units with flap door or fitted with drawer, tv panels, equipped with LED system, and glass sliding doors.

Type / Systems

Technical description

Bookcase modules made of horizontal shelves in 20 lengths, with 120 mm pitch and interrupted by metal boxes or by insertion side panels, in 2 heights. Two-sided compositions or wall-mounted solutions can be created, and completed by inserting containers, flap doors or drawers, or TV panels.

Wood particleboard panel th.22mm with melamine facing or lacquered finish.

Metal boxes
Metal with an epoxy enamel finish.

Insertion side panels
Wood particleboard panel Th.22mm with melamine facing or lacquered finish.

Wood particleboard th.19mm with melamine facing.

Wood fronts
Fronts th.19mm. flush with the bookcase: wood particleboard panel, th.19mm, in lacquered finish or wood veneer.

Front panel with rebate on 3 sides: MDF panel th.19mm in lacquered finish.
“Narcisse day” flap doors
Metal frame th.22mm and dedicated handle in gun metal finish, tempered glass.

Sliding doors in glass
Tempered glass th.6mm. The door can slide even in front of the containers inserted in the bookcase.

Upper/lower track of sliding door
Applied at the edge of the shelves, they contain the sliders and the open/close system’s shock absorbers.

All electrical systems are provided pre-wired in compliance with current laws.


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