Mauro Lipparini

Wiry, natural designs available in bright colours and a variety of sizes, the Sushi side tables are the breakout stars of the home. The base – made up of tubular legs in metal – supports the table top, where a barely noticeable lowered section makes this a fresh take on the traditional tray style. Can easily be used also as a simple bedside unit in the sleeping area.

Type / Small tables

Technical description

Side and coffee table avalaible in three dimensions.
Base in satined or gun metal.
Top available in the finishing:
- matt lacquered with tray shake
- glossy lacquer with smooth top.


Mauro Lipparini

Mauro Lipparini earned a degree in Architecture in 1980 from Università degli Studi of Florence, where he also worked as a professor. He won the international design contests Young & Designer Milan (1987) and International Du Pont Award Köln (Germany, 1988 and 1989). Lipparini’s intense activity in the field of industrial design covers office and home furniture, the textile industry and other products created for many companies in Europe and Japan. In architecture and interior design, Lipparini has concentrated mainly on private and public housing, on showrooms, retail sales outlets and exposition installations. Furthermore, Lipparini also designs and realizes advanced corporate identity image systems that range from graphics to editorial services to production. Lipparini’s style is based on the essential shapes and the clear and decisive lines that are characteristic of natural minimalism. His creations are imbued with a joyful spirit and with an elating sense of aesthetic pleasure and creativity. Thanks to his free use of color, organic weave patterns and original visual ideas, Lipparini amplifies the palette of minimalism, conveying the spontaneity and power of this aesthetic style and projecting it towards a new era of great maturity and wellbeing.

Top Finishings

Matt lacquered colours

01 Gesso

8B Caolino

9G Ostrica

6B Grigio Pietra

14 Nero

02 Talco

9F Sand

4G Argilla

8C Cappuccino

5B Grigio Lava

72 Sabbia

8A Beige

9T Toffee

93 Melange

13 Sepia

09 Wengè

98 Oliva

8S Giallo

9B Senape

94 Marsala

81 Fuoco

95 Ruggine

9H Petrolio

9E Deep Blu

04 Bronzo

96 Canna di Fucile

99 Titanio

10 Argento

07 Ottone

05 Dark Bronze

06 Graphite

High gloss lacquered colors

L01 Gesso

L8B Caolino

L9G Ostrica

L6B Grigio Pietra

L14 Nero

L02 Talco

L9F Sand

L4G Argilla

L8C Cappuccino

L5B Grigio Lava

L72 Sabbia

L8A Beige

L9T Toffee

L93 Melange

L13 Sepia

L09 Wengè

L98 Oliva

L8S Giallo

L9B Senape

L94 Marsala

L81 Fuoco

L95 Ruggine

L9H Petrolio

L9E Deep Blu

Base Finishings


522 Satinato

524 Verniciato Canna di fucile


Matt lacquer / glossy lacquer top

Matt lacquer / glossy lacquer top

Matt lacquer / glossy lacquer top