Andrei Munteanu

Material contrasts underline the forceful identity of the new Stiletto family of furnishing complements. Marble, metal and wood alternate in creations with vivid geometric effects that enhance the slender structure. Tables – in different heights and with different sizes for the tops – rise from the floor in tandem with the brand’s seating, in an original game of juxtapositions with the soft silhouettes of the sofas and armchairs.

Type / Small tables

Technical description

A coffee-tables and console collection composed by a “heel” leaned to the terminal in a cylinder inserted in the base.
It is supplied with an aluminium base -15 mm Th. Moulded top 22 mm th.
Its important thicknesses and the combination of different finishings provide an elegant mix of colours.


Andrei Munteanu

Andrei Munteanu was born in 1964 in Bucarest, Romania. He studied physics and industrial design. He collaborated with many companies in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Italy. Between his more important projects we can name the Pure Sofa by Tribu, the modular sofa system Bora Bora projected with Piergiorgio Cazzaniga and made by Mdf Italia, the modular sofa system Dhow and the Mould series by Giorgetti and the Radius One cloathes hanger by Radius Design. “I was born and grew up in Romania, initially I concentrated on natural science. I found my artistic identity by searching to connect different influences: the Italian design of ’60 and ’70 years, New Wave, the Japanese architecture and the primitive art. I believe that the design is a kind of art with a substantial difference: the object created becomes a mean to satisfy the primary necessity to be used, produced in series and commercialized”.

Top Finishings

Matt lacquered colours

01 Gesso

8B Caolino

9G Ostrica

6B Grigio Pietra

14 Nero

02 Talco

9F Sand

4G Argilla

8C Cappuccino

5B Grigio Lava

72 Sabbia

8A Beige

9T Toffee

93 Melange

13 Sepia

09 Wengè

98 Oliva

8S Giallo

9B Senape

94 Marsala

81 Fuoco

95 Ruggine

9H Petrolio

9E Deep Blu

04 Bronzo

96 Canna di Fucile

99 Titanio

10 Argento

07 Ottone

05 Dark Bronze

06 Graphite

Matt lacquered antique brass colours

7R Ottone Anticato

5R Dark Bronze Anticato

6R Graphite Anticato

High gloss lacquered colors

L01 Gesso

L8B Caolino

L9G Ostrica

L6B Grigio Pietra

L14 Nero

L02 Talco

L9F Sand

L4G Argilla

L8C Cappuccino

L5B Grigio Lava

L72 Sabbia

L8A Beige

L9T Toffee

L93 Melange

L13 Sepia

L09 Wengè

L98 Oliva

L8S Giallo

L9B Senape

L94 Marsala

L81 Fuoco

L95 Ruggine

L9H Petrolio

L9E Deep Blu


BC Bianco Carrara Matt

CA Calacatta Oro Matt

EM Emperador Matt

TV Travertino Matt

BA Basaltite Matt

GT Grey Stone Glossy

MR Marquinia Glossy

SR Sahara Noir Glossy

RL Rosso Lepanto

OR Orobico

Matt Veneers

66 Tabacco

53 Olmo grey

51 Oak Black

62 Ebano

54 Eucalipto

Base Finishings


537 Verniciato Ottone anticato

536 Verniciato Graphite anticato

535 Verniciato Dark Bronze anticato


Wood top

Wood top

Wood top

Wood top

Matt lacquer / glossy lacquer top

Matt lacquer / glossy lacquer top

Matt lacquer / glossy lacquer top

Matt lacquer / glossy lacquer top

Marble top

Marble top

Marble top

Marble top

Wood top

Wood top

Matt lacquer / glossy lacquer top

Matt lacquer / glossy lacquer top

Marble top

Marble top