Mauro Lipparini


Mauro Lipparini

With its delicate lines and curvy design, Norma is the perfect place for relaxation. Yet simplicity doesn’t mean the sofa compromises on practicality: two additional elements with armrests can be added to make the whole thing longer.

Type / Sofas

Technical description

Collection includes linear sofas with fixed shapes in 3 different widths and an element with 1 armrest to form a linear sofa of W. 2900mm (114 1/8" ), mono-shell in wood,
padded in multi-density polyurethane foam with cover in Dacron fibre, seat suspension system with elastic bands fastened to the wood shell, covering in fabric or leather with double stitching. Covering removable by expert personnel.


Linear sofa - 2 seaters

Linear sofa - 2 maxi seaters

Linear sofa - 3 seaters

Element with 1 armrest left/right

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