Mauro Lipparini

The wood paneling combines outstanding elegance with a functional use: from a purely decorative element to a vital part of the furnishings, without neglecting its fundamental aesthetic value. A combination of coatings and integrated lighting elements, whose central part constitutes the headboard of the Ghiroletto container bed base, signed by Mauro Lipparini.

The padded bed frame with removable cover in fabric, eco-leather or leather, is the new proposal for the sleeping area by MisuraEmme. A versatile and subtle piece whose strength lies in the interaction with the wall panels.

The great compositional variety is covered in different finishes: fabric, lacquered, wood. The paneling system can be furnished with integrated lighting solutions and aluminium brackets.

Clean lines favors material expression, functional design embraces a sophisticated allure: the new MisuraEmme’s spirit animates the night area with charm.

Type / Beds


Mauro Lipparini

Mauro Lipparini earned a degree in Architecture in 1980 from Università degli Studi of Florence, where he also worked as a professor. He won the international design contests Young & Designer Milan (1987) and International Du Pont Award Köln (Germany, 1988 and 1989). Lipparini’s intense activity in the field of industrial design covers office and home furniture, the textile industry and other products created for many companies in Europe and Japan. In architecture and interior design, Lipparini has concentrated mainly on private and public housing, on showrooms, retail sales outlets and exposition installations. Furthermore, Lipparini also designs and realizes advanced corporate identity image systems that range from graphics to editorial services to production. Lipparini’s style is based on the essential shapes and the clear and decisive lines that are characteristic of natural minimalism. His creations are imbued with a joyful spirit and with an elating sense of aesthetic pleasure and creativity. Thanks to his free use of color, organic weave patterns and original visual ideas, Lipparini amplifies the palette of minimalism, conveying the spontaneity and power of this aesthetic style and projecting it towards a new era of great maturity and wellbeing.

Bedframe Finishings


A41 Sabbia

A47 Argilla

A48 Corteccia

A44 Muschio

A40 Carbone

A46 Roccia

A43 Ghiaia

A42 Sasso


B41 Cicogna

B46 Fungo

B48 Radice

B4A Ghianda

B49 Scoiattolo

B47 Marmotta

B44 Lichene

B43 Ghiro

B45 Tortora

B42 Piccione

B40 Corvo


B61 White

B66 Beige

B69 Light brown

B67 Taupè

B65 Brown

B68 Dark brown

B62 Light gray

B63 Blue

B60 Black

B64 Green


B31 Cigno

B36 Tortora

B37 Beccaccino

B34 Airone

B32 Ghiro

B33 Piccione

B35 Riccio

B30 Corvo


C50 Notte

C59 Nocciola

C56 Latte

C53 Curcuma

C51 Cioccolato

C54 Cenere

C52 Cannella

C58 Avena

C55 Antracite

C56 Latte


C82 Orso polare

C83 Airone

C85 Lepre

C88 Alpaca

C86 Cervo

C81 Corvo

C87 Alligatore

C84 Squalo blu


C91 Platino

C92 Argento

C90 Ferro

C93 Oro

C94 Bronzo


C70 White mix

C71 Rock mix

C7A Nuts mix

C78 Green mix

C76 Mustard mix

C77 Orange mix

C72 Brown mix

C79 Blue mix

C73 Iron mix

C74 Grey mix

C75 Black mix


C20 Ecrù


D4C Avorio

D4B Pietra Leccese

D4G Tortora

D4E Beige rosè

D4D Greige

D4I Senape

D4A City Grey

D4H Blu Eolie

D4F Grigio di Payne


D31 Cigno

D36 Tortora

D37 Gufo

D34 Picchio verde

D32 Airone

D35 Piccione

D33 Rondine

D30 Corvo


D1B Sabbia

D1G Creta

D1F Betulla

D1C Sasso

D1D Roccia

D1A Carbone

D1E Lichene

D1H Terra


D2B Cigno

D2F Tortora

D2G Fungo

D2H Cicogna

D2L Ghianda

D2J Cervo

D2E Lichene

D2C Ghiro

D2D Lupo

D2K Talpa

D2A Corvo


D3B Rugiada

D3F Pietra

D3G Roccia

D3L Civetta

D3J Gufo

D3K Daino

D3E Muschio

D3H Guscio di lumaca

D3C Nebbia

D3D Pioggia

D3A Notte


E61 Cigno

E67 Creta

E6C Lumaca

E68 Scoiattolo

E62 Airone

E65 Tortora

E6A Blu fiume

E6B Talpa

E66 Riccio

E63 Passero

E69 Orso bruno

E60 Rondine

E64 Felce


E81 White mix

E85 Sand mix

E83 Zaffiro mix

E86 Snow mix

E88 Bronze mix

E87 Cappuccino mix

E82 Stone mix

E80 Taupè mix

E89 Rust mix

E84 Green mix

E90 Sulfur mix


E96 Rugiada

E99 Sabbia

E98 Terra

E95 Pietra

E97 Corteccia

Gemma Plus

D54 Cigno

D59 Fungo

D61 Castagna

D65 Lumaca

D60 Nocciola

D57 Sotto bosco

D55 Ghiro

D56 Gufo

D73 Rondine

D66 Volpe

D58 Riccio

Velluto Lario

F33 Pietra

F56 Sabbia

F57 Tortora

F51 Scoiattolo

F54 Volpe

F55 Cervo

F35 Rondine

F53 Corteccia

Velluto Regal

F58 Mirtillo

F5A Castagna

F59 Muschio


E50 Bianco

F01 Ecrù

F02 Grigio perla

F05 Blu

F03 Lava

F04 Testa di moro


E7A Ostrica

E79 Alga

E78 Sugar

E77 Fumè

E76 Liquirizia

E75 Vanilla

E74 Marron Glace

E72 Brick

E71 Curry

E70 E60

E73 Cacao


F75 Noir

F77 Pietra

F76 Crepuscolo

F78 Foglia

F71 Dune

F73 Creta

F72 Terracotta

F70 Terre di Siena

F74 Bianco naturale


F28 Neve

F21 Nebbia

F29 Grandine

F20 Tempesta di sabbia

F25 Solstizio

F26 Tramonto

F24 Acque tropicali

F23 Nube

F27 Foresta

F22 Tornado


H1B Perla

H1G Conchiglia

H1H Alabastro

H1C Opale

H1F Ematite

H1A Onice nero

H1D Zaffiro

H1E Giada

H1J Agata

H1L Topazio

H1K Ambra

Embossed eco-leathers A291 / A844

CL1 Sabbia

CL8 Sepia

CL6 Nero

Embossed eco-leathers Rebel

CM3 Argilla

CM5 Tabacco

CM7 Grigio scuro

CM9 Grigio chiaro

Embossed eco-leathers Vintage

CM6 Creta

CM4 Cappuccino

CM8 Coffee

CM2 Mattone

Smooth eco-leathers Bloom

CF7 Nuvola

CD3 Beige

CF8 Nocciola

CF6 Argilla

CD1 Testa di Moro

CF9 Caffè

Smooth eco-leathers Old

CD6 Bianco

CD9 Cuoio naturale

CD8 Mattone

CD7 Grigio scuro

CD0 Nero

Smooth leathers

H38 Sabbia

H36 Camoscio

H3F Muschio

H71 Testa di Moro

H3E Grigio Caldo

H35 Grigio Chiaro

H08 Asfalto

H26 Antracite

H3B Cuoio

H31 Naturale

H3A Terracotta

H34 Fango

H32 Taupè

H73 Nero

Suede leathers

HAE Panther

HA6 Orso polare

HAF Volpe artica

HAC Lupo grigio

HA3 Squalo blu

HA7 Elefante

HA8 Alligatore

HA5 Falco

HA1 Leone

HA9 Antilope

HAA Grizzly

HAB Orango

HAD Tigre

Brushed leather

HN3 Leone

HN2 Rinoceronte

HN1 Orso bruno


Bed (mattress W. 1600 x D. 2000 mm)

Bed (mattress W. 1600 x D. 2100 mm)

Bed (mattress W. 1800 x D. 2100 mm)

Bed (mattress W. 1800 x D. 2100 mm)

Bed king size (mattress W. 1930 x D. 2020 mm)